St Stephen’s School

A tasteful and bohemian three-bedroom property in a distinguished building within acclaimed Stockbridge, off a New Town road straight to Princes Street.

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This lively and bohemian three-bedroom property is the former headmaster’s quarters of St Stephen’s School, and later a commercial printer, in fashionable Stockbridge, voted the happiest place to live in Scotland in The Sunday Times. ‘St Stephen’s School’ remains engraved on the top of the building today, just under a stone Bible open at the proverb, ‘Those that seek me, early shall find me.’

The apartment is on the second floor and immediately inside you’ll find a study beside the window overlooking the street. Well-stocked bookshelves extend across the hallway and past the skylight to the bathroom, which has a shower over the bath and a vibrant aquatic colour scheme. The extensive kitchen-cum-living room is directly off the end of the hall and has an open-plan walk-in kitchen to the left, demarcated by slate flooring and amplifying the impression of space. All the essential facilities are accounted for, as well as extras such as a dishwasher, and the apartment’s boiler and thermostat are on either side of the raised microwave. Just beyond the kitchen area is a dining table with seating for six.

Nowhere is the property’s eclectic panache more evident than in the surrounding living area, featuring geometric coffee tables, twin red columns, patterned upholstery in a range of colours, and a wealth of intriguing paintings, tapestries and ornaments. Two opposing sofas lie across from the flat screen HD TV with DVD player, and a further bureau sits under the windows on the far wall.

The first bedroom is next to the living area and is a twin with two bunk beds. A utility closet containing an iron, ironing board and clothes horse is at the foot of the bed, and there is ample storage in the fitted wardrobes along the adjacent wall (a legacy of the building’s days as a printer) in addition to the chest of drawers and integrated shelving beside the window looking out to the large properties on Circus Lane. The apartment’s washing machine is housed in the utility room next along; where the hall loops back toward the entrance, you’ll find a third red column, which, like the two flanking the entrance to the kitchen-cum-living room, runs the height of the building. The master bedroom with King-sized bed and dressing table adjoins the turn in the lobby here. It too has a sliding wardrobe and additional fitted storage, and is decorated in floral motifs, with an ensuite shower room in playful purple and white. The third bedroom is a single, and has a study lined with frosted panels looking through to its counterpart in the entrance, as well as a bookshelf of its own, so altogether the apartment contains a personal library.

St Stephen Street is a characterful and covetable apartment with an interior just as interesting as the larger building of which it is a part. It offers you a prime location on a street which serves as a throughway between Stockbridge and the New Town, while the more aged Old Town is around ten minutes’ walk away.



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