Where to stay in Edinburgh during the Festival?

There’s no doubt about it, visiting Edinburgh during the Festival should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is a world class event on a massive scale and runs every year in August. There are actually several festivals running in parallel. The International Festival and the Fringe are the best known, as well as the Military Tattoo, the Edinburgh Book Festival and the Art Festival which run at the same time.

To make the most of a trip to the Festival, you need great accommodation in the heart of Edinburgh. There are plenty of hotels and self catering options to suit everyone.

Book Ahead

The golden rule for finding good festival accommodation in Edinburgh is to book ahead as far as you can. Booking a whole year in advance is not unheard of to get the best locations.

Edinburgh Festival Hotels

Edinburgh is a popular destination for tourists at any time of year so there are a lot of hotels available. Hotels can be booked up a long way ahead and are also extremely expensive during the festivals. The cost increases rapidly when you need to book for a family or a large group for a week or two. They may have restrictive opening times that could make it difficult to come and go as you please.

Edinburgh Festival Self-Catering Apartments

If you are visiting Edinburgh in a group or for more than a couple of nights then it makes sense to look into going self-catering. While less visible than the hotels, central Edinburgh and surrounding areas contain a huge amount of amazing self-catering apartments. By booking for a group of people the costs per person can be somewhat reduced on hotels of comparable star ratings. Self catering also offers a lot of freedoms to eat when you want and sleep when you want without being disturbed by hotel maids in the morning after attending back to back comedy shows until 5am.

Apartment Locations

New Town Apartments – Best for seeing shows in pubs and clubs in Princes street, and at venues such as the Edinburgh Playhouse, the Stand Comedy Club and the National Portrait Gallery.

Old Town Apartments – Best for some of the classic venues such as the Usher Hall, the Assembly Hall or the National Library.

Grassmarket Apartments – Perfect for the many events held in venues on the Grassmarket, as well as Edinburgh Castle, the Old Town and the Royal Mile.

Stockbridge Apartments – Stockbridge is perfect for seeing shows at venues such as St Stephen’s Church, The Botanics and Inverleith Park.

Tollcross Apartments – Tollcross is ideal for venues on Lothian Road such as the Picture House and Festival Square.

Festival Apartments by Capacity

By following these links you can find just the right size of apartment for your group:

Where Else To Stay

Some visitors to the festival stay out of town, in Glasgow or across in Fife and travel in and out of the city to see the shows, but we believe you don’t get the full Festival experience unless you stay in the city and envelope yourself in the festival from dawn to dusk, or vice versa as it may be.


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