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Our cleaning policy

Our Greatbase cleaners are thorough and professional at all times. Having sparkling clean properties for our guests is always our highest priority. But in these Covid-19 days, that means cleaning and then disinfecting, using products with bleach or at least 70% alcohol, understood to be effective against coronavirus. We’re following the guidance of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to make absolutely sure that we’re doing everything we should be doing to keep our properties safe for our guests.

Our staff will be wearing protective clothing as well as airing all properties thoroughly between bookings. We’ll be paying particularly special attention to frequently-touched surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs, remote controls, faucet handles, table surfaces, hard dining chairs (seat, back and arms), kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces and much more.

All our laundry will be washed at temperatures over 60 degrees, using biological powders containing bleach.

All our staff are equipped with the right products along with checklists to ensure nothing is missed, so that you can relax and enjoy your stay with Greatbase, confident that the property is spotlessly clean and safe.

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