Entry guidelines

The competition will run until 25th September (exclusive), with entries accepted until 10th September (inclusive) and voting commencing thereafter. On the closing date, the entrant with the most votes will be deemed the winner and will receive £250 off a stay in an apartment of their choice at any time of year (subject to availability). An additional prize of a £100 discount will be allocated to one voter, randomly drawn from all those who voted during the final fornight.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to anyone except Greatbase employees.

What images are eligible?

The only requirements for the subjects of images is that they must have been taken in Edinburgh by the participant, and be a true representation of the original scene; digital image enhancements are permitted in your submissions, with the exception of those which change the subjects of the photograph (that is, insertions of people, objects or phenomena not originally present). Collages and composites are therefore ineligible for submission. You can enter an image used in a previous competition so long as it did not win a prize. Images that have been entered into another ongoing competition are ineligible for entry, as are those which have already been published elsewhere.


The competition is run on this website. To enter, simply go to our landing page, upload your photo, enter your details, and click “Enter photo contest”.

There is a file size limitation of 10MB on photo entries; files larger than this will be rejected by the system.

Use Photoshop or a similar image-editing program (GIMP 2 is an effective free solution) to edit your photo or reduce its size, but be sure to use a copy to preserve the original file should you need to revert to it.

When will I know if I have been successful?

We anticipate to be able to notify the entrant and voting winners of their success via email within one working day of the competition closing.

Enter the competition

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